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Default additional links & thoughts

There was an interesting site on the net called that has since disappeared. He did a history of the Bible and just when I thought that he was coming to the conclusion that the JKB was the preserved word of God he decided that the NKJV was the best!

Before I get pulled up on any form of allegiance to the site I have already come to the conclusion that his theology was very questionable to say the least. Did anyone else come across this guy and what were your conclusions?

I also thought that the guy (whos site has also since vanished from the web) did a very extensive work on defending the KJB and its underlying text was worth looking at. Even though I did manage to download everything that he said on the subject I would still like to know who this guy is and did anyone else come across his site before it vanished?

At first, the title of his web site put me off from even looking at it but when I did he came across as very orthodox for Christ.

Has anyone on this forum got any thoughts or connections with these people? As Ill look forward to hearing from you.

God bless