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Thanks for your kind words Chette and Jassy. I didn't say the part about requesting to be unregistered to elicit support for staying. But who knows, the human heart is deceitful above all things...

I posted because I was frustrated I hadn't been able to make my most important argument for my interpretation and I saw my last chance.

I must be an old curmudgeon myself, though I'm not that old and I'm definitely not crusty. I believe I will name my next cat after George's nickname for himself. Not that I'm looking to take in a fifth cat any time soon. Then I would be considered a true "cat lady" by my mother. And my husband would be less than pleased.

How about this: I'll stay if Pam asks me to.

Pam, you have the POWER!!!

I have no expectations one way or the other. Let's see what happens.