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Hi PaulB,

While you might "learn" a bit about the inferior loosy-goosey deficient and anti-inspired translation methods of modern versions, the Gospel Hall material is a mess, from a quick check they do not even notice that the modern versions are from a totally different (and very corrupt) text. You would do better learning the same type of information from a D. A. Waite or David Cloud or AV1611 website-style presentation. (btw .. I only looked at the subject names and a couple of sentences, the conclusion, that was enough for me to come to my conclusion.)

Similarly the Skypoint (Robert Waltz) material will definitely steer you very wrong. It is very easy to have a jumbo of factoids totally skewed and misunderstood, and that is what RW gives you, due to his indoctrination into the alexandrian cult, where the ultra-corrupt wescott-hort text is embraced as the wonder of their day.

The "higher criticism" article is likely to be very mixed, since it is very difficult to counter "higher criticism" if you do not really believe that God has preserved his word tangibly, in the Bible available to the ploughman, and even the scholar.

Steven Avery