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George and Renee,
I sincerely apologize if what I said offended you. It was not in any way intended to diminish anyone's personal testimony. The fact is that I as a pastor have experienced far more troubled marriages than secure marriages both for saved/unsaved couples and second marriages (either or both partners). I was concerned that my general sense of this thread was that the Bible did not discourage mixed marriages. I disagree with that.

I have the sad reality that within my own family, a brother has been through multiple marriages, a sister has divorced (not due to immorality), and a son has married a divorced woman with preteen children. I have had to speak to each of these regarding their particular situations. I have struggled with presenting the truth with pure love and no hint of condemnation. It is not something I wish on anyone else.

George, I am sorry that previous posts where I attempted to add a little humor was offensive to you. If you will direct me to those posts, I can be more specific with my apology, but at this point, I am not aware of any, that is, the Holy Spirit has not reprimanded me. It appears that I have gotten on your short list, and that saddens me, for it was in no way intentional.

I was very puzzled about why you, George, would get so upset about my referring to Renee's story as "anecdotal". I just now went back and re-read that post. She started the story:
Iíve seen a marriage where the guy was saved and married an unsaved idol worshiper steeped in Catholicism and they are still married today after many, many years...
The story continues on to speak in the third person, as if this was someone that Renee knew. I had no idea that she was speaking of your own marriage. I can see why you were upset, but I think the anger was not justified. How could I have known?

God has shown great grace with your marriage. You must know that it is a fairly rare exception. Thank God for His mercy.