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Bro. Parrish
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LOL, well George that sure seems clear to me brother.

Let's see if I can toss in a few more thoughts for Matthew to chew on...

Originally Posted by Mathew Ward View Post
Why is then people look to what they disagree about more then what they agree on?

If we can agree on salvation we should be able to walk together, should we not?

If we can agree that the message of salvation needs to be taken into all the world and preached to everyone we should be able to walk together, should we not?
Matthew, I think this is a fair question you are asking so I will respond (again). Let me ask you, how do you determine exactly WHAT SALVATION IS? How do you determine WHO JESUS IS? How do you determine WHO GOD IS? What is your FINAL AUTHORITY or spiritual matters? You see for us, I think the Word of God is seen as ESSENTIAL TO SALVATION. Our revelation from God is our key to understanding Him and His plan for our lives.

Originally Posted by Mathew Ward View Post
If we can only walk with those we agree 100% on, then it will be one lonely walk. Because I do not know anyone I agree 100% on every Bible doctine, do you?
Depends on the doctrine and the attitude of the person. Some Bible doctrines are very delicate, and without the proper AUTHORITY, they cannot be grasped.

Suppose I said to you, yes yes I agree that "salvation is not of works"... and you agreed with me.

but then I came back and said, "but the blood of Christ has nothing to do with salvation."

How would you teach me the truth? And if I was stubborn and told you, no no the blood of Christ is of no use, would you still have fellowship because we agreed that salvation is not of works? It's all nice to sing Kumbaya and hold hands in "fellowship," but is that fellowship based on truth?

Like I told you earlier, if we cannot agree on WHICH BIBLE, then we cannot agree on WHAT IS TRUTH. And that is serious business.