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You seem to be a "KJB preference" type of person, because you said, “us folks that use and prefer the A.V.”

You talk about how godly men of old, and of more recently, were learned in the Biblical and classical languages, and what they have wrought for the furtherance of Christian knowledge.

But the issue is not the past, the issue is the present and future. Is it vital right now to know Bible Hebrew and Bible Greek? Is it vital today to consult Strong's or other such lexicon? Is it vital to keep some edition of the Textus Receptus in print? etc.

It is one thing to acknowledge the existence of good original language editions and good Protestant Bibles, whether in English or a foreign tongue. But none of these are vital for
English speakers today: we would not be limited in our revelation or in our knowledge if the only Bible we ever had was the King James Bible.

To claim that knowledge of certain Greek or Hebrew is somehow a great aid or even needful in combating cultist doctrine is misdirected in the least. I have confounded Russelites by using the King James Bible to directly to answer their doctrines about Christ, including that Jesus is “the firstborn from the dead”. To refute error and to instruct in truth now does not require Hebrew or Greek, but the English Bible: if it really is the Word of God given perfectly in English. (And it is, for it is self-authenticating.)

Thus, we come to issue of whether you believe that the King James Bible is perfect, and exact, conceptually accurate, sense-for-sense translation. So besides having yet a reliance upon the idea of the continuing Hebrew and Greek (where did God limit preservation to the original languages only?) there is the issue of whether the King James Bible is immaculate or not.

I am not saying that if you didn’t use the King James Bible you would have gone to hell, in that millions of Christians have not used the King James Bible. But I am indicating that it should be the authority for us to the uttermost.

If you really agree with “The Translators to the Reader”, you should agree that the King James Bible is the “one more exact Translation of the holy Scriptures into the English Tongue”, which means there is no need for the originals since it is the originals now in English, and there is no need for correcting anything, because it is exact.

Finally, there is a great problem with the original language evidence, in that there is no final settled text that exists extant today in either Hebrew or Greek (various editions of the Textus Receptus differ one to another), and there is no set or certain source as to what exactly is a correct meaning for any word, or for every last word in its exact proper meaning, unless we are to rely upon one source as a perfect text and translation: the King James Bible only.