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I know sarcasm and to anoint it with a "God bless you brother" is blasphemy in its finest form. I am angry at your deceitfulness not in what my taxes went to or that I paid them. I am angered in the way you used this post for your personal individual attack of me in accusing me of not knowing what it was like to pay taxes.

I never personally attacked anyone in this post, you were offended by my remarks that is your heart. but you however singled me out so you could make sarcastic remarks as if I don't know about paying taxes as if you were trying to prove some point.

I didn't even attack Kent Honivd. I merely made the point that he wasn't set up so much as he or you claim he was, and I backed my words up with his own admissions and the charges he was charged with. if he wasn't guilty he wouldn't be in jail. and if he had OBEYED the word of God in Romans 13 he wouldn't be where he is today. regardless of how you justified we are not under monarchy but a democracy position to prove that Romans 13 wasn't applicable today. Kent Hovind is no Joseph as he claims and you promote.

your are the one trying to say he is guiltless and was set up, promoting his innocence, his call for prayers, because he wont admit his sin. And then you all try to justify it by saying it is unconstitutional to pay taxes. I know of two Pastor both personal friends of mine, both good and dear friends innocent because they took someone else's advice. both got into trouble because of the same tax issue as brother Hovind. and both admitted it was their fault. They didn't try to say they were set up by higher powers or enemies. they admitted their guilt paid their dues and got right with God so they could continue to serve him.

But I see how a dishonest man has influenced you and it is obvious in your deceitful and blasphemous remark in your posts. I can see the influence of unrepentant sinner has on you in your shifting the blame to others (i.e. me) for your own sinfulness and justify your sin as a blessing. The heart is truly wicked above all measure and you don't even know it.

Good day sir.