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pshda said,

The King James when it was issued was not popular and was criticized for over fifty years before it got accepted. Nobody was willing to give up their Geneva Bible at first.
This is not historically accurate.

1. The King James Bible took only one generation to fully replace the Geneva Version.

2. Only a handful of extremists criticised the King James Bible. I am sure that you could not name more than six people that criticised the King James Bible from 1611 to 1660.

3. And that "nobody" was willing to give up the Geneva Version is perhaps bordering on complete deception. I could easily name six people who promoted the King James Bible from 1611 to 1620. When the King James Bible appeared, it was quickly taken up by many Anglican Bishops, and even notable Puritans began to use it.

I think that you are believing the WRONG history of the King James Bible, the one promoted by the quasi-KJB scholars like Daniell and Norton, and by the anti-KJBO scholars like Norris and Joyner.