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You definitely like to obfuscate. Plain English please. The King James when it was issued was not popular and was criticized for over fifty years before it got accepted. Nobody was willing to give up their Geneva Bible at first. Then the KJV took Geneva's place and now people are saying the same thing about the KJV and criticizing every other version under the sun. The only critical thing I keep in mind is that about 4500 manuscripts make up the Byzantine Text of manuscripts and the KJV was based on a few of those available to Erasmus and his text became the Received Text. However when you compare the KJV to the Byzantine or Majority Text, you find very few variants. The only Bibles based on the Received Erasmus Text are the King James Version, the New King James Version, and Jay Green's Literal Translation Version. No other version is based on the Majority Text. All other versions are based on the Alexandrian Text of manuscripts that have substantial variants between them. The TNIV in John five says that Jesus learned that the man at the pool of Bethesda was infirm for 38 years. Even the NASV says knew instead of learned. So while I know that God reaches people even through the NIV, I simply don't trust it for myself. However, I have to deal with that version because it is the most popular version out there. I wish there was a modern English translation based on the Majority Text. There are none. So when I hit the streets I give out NKJV gospels of John in English but only have the option of giving out NIV gospels of John in Spanish. So I trust in the Lord. Only by the Holy Spirit can a person repent, convert to Jesus and be saved, and God overcomes a lot of stuff like Bible versions to get the job done.