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Default Supplementing the income

for many of us laboring in the field we are finding it harder to get by. As we see the economics take a dive over the last 10 months we lost lots of support. One of our close friends has been supporting our house project but as for our other support everything was down.

So about 6 months ago I began exploring options on how to supplement our budget. I came across aquaponic gardening a combination of raising food fish like Tilapia and using the water from the fish waste to organically fertilize the vegetables. Particularly Aquaponics in a Barrel by a missionary Travis Hughey. I do want to establish a larger green house but the expense makes me take it slower in buying materials.

But "Barrelponics" as Travis calls it is perfect for those on a low budget, time constraints, lack of space for conventional gardening and uses only 10% of the water of normal gardening. I built one barrel unit and I have it up and running this week it takes up 6'HX6'WX6'D space. This week I will put some fish in it and by next week I should have the first plants in it. tomatoes, Lettuce and bell peppers.

I will be holding free seminars at our church for mostly poor people and squatters to show them the working unit, teach them what is Aquaponics, and how to build their own barrel unit. of course half way after the break I will tell them how we can meet their needs for food and supplementing their income, but there is a more pressing need we would like to meet also and then give them the Gospel.

but for anyone wanting to supplement their income or for church planting pastors who don't have a lot of money these units are a great way to help supplement the income for food.

Fresh fish and vegetables. yum yum