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Originally Posted by johnlf View Post
But do we really believe that? Or do we question if God is really perfect in all these ways? That is the reason for the great smear. The great smear is the attempt to get men to question God's character, decisions, attributes, and even his very existence. Much of the drama in our lives centers around this grand scenario.

Satan, on the other hand desires only to steal, kill, and destroy. But not just for its own sake. He also seeks to besmirch God's character in men's minds and the minds of the angelic host. Ever since his fall, Satan has been trying to prove to the world that God is not who he says he is. The great smear.
Another successful tactic of the devil is to get men and women, even Christians, to hold to a higher authority than the Word of God. So many Christians would never dream of questioning or doubting God's Word, so Satan supplies them with a counterfeit that they elevate above the Word of God. That counterfeit is "personal experience."

Anyone who has ever tried to talk someone out of a personal experience when it contradicts the Bible, knows just how strong this tactic of Satan's is.