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Originally Posted by Amanda S. View Post

I do not have the chance to answer you back at the moment as I have piano lessons, but I hope to get at it tonight.

But I wanted to ask that if you can use the dictionary to help make your point, am I allowed to do the same and get taken seriously on the Shepherd/Pastor thread? It appears that the dictionary over and over again is rejected by a number of people on here, so please play fair and not use it in this discussion.

Did you not notice that I gave a summary of the instances that the word "bondage" is used in scripture and even included all of the scriptures that use the word "bond" in my post?

Who ever said a dictionary can not be of some help? No one here has.

I believe most of us stated that our understanding of a word's meaning used in scripture must be interpreted from scripture. Have I not done that? I think we are all capable of using our Bible software to look at all of the instances of "bondage" if we want to. No one wants to see them all on this post.