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Keeper at home to me means I make my wife do everything in the home like cook, clean, wash the dishes, wash the clothes, wash the cars,kids and the neighbors' kids if the come across our lawn, obey me, read my Bible to me calling me lord as Sarah did unto Abraham and many other such like things....

HA HA HA I'm checking to see if there are any feminazis around here. I know that is way more than enough to cause one to have a heart attack.

Now that I got that joking little rant out of the way I'll just say that I'm in agreement with the comments posted above by the spiritual sisters above who seem to be tempted to usurp authority over the men here in this forum... LOL!!! Just joking again. No really though they did a good job explaining my position. My wife is a wonderful wife and a wonderful keeper of the home. She loves my babies and I love her so much for that. She and I tag team on reading the Bible to our smarter than me 5 year old daughter who can ask questions so deep that I often feel like I went to public school k-12. Wait a minute...I did that.

My wife is pregnant with our 3rd baby and we really were blind sided by this one. We have talked about maybe her finishing up her nursing degree she started a few years ago so that we could try to pay off our house in a few years rather than paying on it for around 20-25 more years. This 3rd one threw the brakes on that idea for a little while. My conviction for my wife has been before we had children I didn't mind her working. We both thought it would be best if she was a stay at home mother for the children once they came.

Before we were married she worked at a "Christian" day care. I would often come to visit her on my lunch breaks, start riots with the kids, wrestling matches and nearly got stoned to death by the other workers if I came to visit around nap time. Something that I saw that hurt me and made an impression on me was when I saw the mothers (sometimes the dads) dropping off the children. Some of the kids' hearts were broken when the mothers tried to leave. I observed that this annoyed some of the workers when the children "whined" for their mommies.

I thought that these little children are only expressing what is so natural and sincere from their little hearts and that is that they loved their mothers and didn't want to part from them. I thought how horrible it was for some mom to pay around $110 a week for a child care program who pays employees minimum wage (at the time $5.15) so the mother could go and make maybe $250-$500 per week. Children grow so fast. The time they have is so short. A parent will never get that time back. Why pay somebody to pay someone minimum wage to spend some of the most precious years of their children's life so they can go try to keep up with the Joneses, Smiths or whoever.

We are about to start home schooling with our daughter this year. We thought that this would be a big challenge since we also have a boy who just turned one in April and is a little demanding at times. Well God blessed us with this other one on the way and now we know he will have to help us home school. If there was an affordable Christian school we wouldn't mind send our girl there but our finances aren't the greatest at this present time.

My wife doesn't have the option of going out and getting employed at this time because she is too busy being a keeper of our home. I hope I didn't rant too long. You'll have to excuse me because I am posting under the influence of drowsiness seeing that it is nearly 2:00 am in my neck of the woods.