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Originally Posted by greenbear View Post
Jassy, sometimes it sounds like you are me! I've noticed this from back when we first joined this board a day or so apart from each other. Perhaps the Lord will lead you to a home church where someone is proficient in ASL.

Just like I've never before found a church I could attend (since I learned what's what, that is), I have also not found another christian forum that I could stomach. This one is not like any others that I have seen out there. Most of the active guys here have made it into a place where for the most part you can discuss and learn from the word of God without having to sift through garbage to get at it. Praise God for the addition of PaulB, Ripdood, Cloudwalker, and Brother-Smith, among others. And POTW is back, too!
Amen sis! God's hand was in it - as His hand is in the lives of all believers. I am very thankful that we met and it's very interesting that we finally found a Forum that is accountable to the TRUTH and is not afraid to speak it! It's gotta be the hand of God that we joined just a day or so apart and we are so much alike in our beliefs and mindset (on Christ).

I also am praising God for the new additions to the Forum - it is such a blessing to have brothers and sisters that uplift the truth!