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Originally Posted by greenbear View Post
Thank you, brother George! Please tell me this was already written or I will feel guilty for keeping you busy all day. May God bless you, sir. My husband and I will try out a church next month when I get Sundays off from work so the topic has been on my mind, not having been churchgoers previously.

In Christ,

Hi Sis,

I will pray for you and John to locate a true Church that teaches and edifies from the KJV Bible and believes it to be the ONLY true Word of God. As brother George has said, it's extremely difficult to find one in the USA today. I've been to so many and even the Baptist churches (that are usually KJVO) are weakening and following worldly churches in several things. I tried going to an Independent Baptist church and they had Christian rock music. That, for me, is a not-so-subtle warning that this is a worldly church. With all of the "church planting" going on - they're just creating more and more false clones to push the TRUE Church out of "popularity." I guess that people today are used to all of the inherent "bells and whistles" that they think are part of church services now. Many of them have so many "offices" and "leaders" that I wonder how they can have any kind of cohesiveness and cooperation!

Anyway, I will pray that the 2 of you will find a wonderful church family that teaches the TRUTH! If they preach PAUL'S Gospel of Christ - crucified, buried, and risen (1 Corinthians 15), then they're certainly on the right track! I'm just SHOCKED at the number of churches that have no idea how to rightly divide the Word of God and just mix it all up into a confusion of Law and Grace! If a church avoids preaching Paul's epistles, you certainly can know that that's a church you ought to avoid!