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Default Hello again Will

Thanks for another very helpful article Will. If the Lord tarries there may no count of the people you may be equipping in the future. I also think that it is good that people like Bro Parish & Greenbear are giving you their feedback because this just goes to show that your labours are not in vain.

This is a classic example of the lie of “updated English” where they argue that there are no doctrinal differences. I raised this point to an NIV preacher the other week (who was offering to teach NT Greek to anyone who was willing) to illustrate that the NIV both distorts Christ persons and clear prophetic references that point to Him. I didn’t get a response to the issue I raised, all I got was a classic “escape hatch” comment of “oh, I just want to go and speak to those people over there”.

I have also lent a 3 part DVD set to a family that clearly point out many of these issues in the hope that they will realise how faulty the foundations are on which they are standing.
I don’t know whether you checked out the link that I posted yesterday onto a previous article that you placed on the forum, but things like these examples just show how serious these issues are. Not only that, but boiling points such as these do tend to bring the question of motives behind translations to the surface don’t they?

How quick the seminarians are to proudly undress the KJB by the authority of vile translations such as these by correcting the “so called errors” that modern day scholarship has ironed out. But they are not so eager when it comes down to doing the reverse and rightly correcting the errors of modern scholarship with the KJB.

Daniel Wallace’s comments are pathetic when he claims that the word begotten is misleading just because it is no longer a part of our common day speech. Would he come to the same conclusions over other words found in Scripture that even the seminarians use such as:
Hades, demons, holy, gospel, procurator, Pharisee, scribe, satraps, Ark, pugnacious (NASV), tongues, sons of God, as all of these are words that are hardly ever heard voiced in the 21st century?

For one the word “begotten” stops me racing ahead and makes me think, as the word fathered can apply to someone who never had anything to do with the child, or it could apply to a child that is not my own. But I see begotten as a means of stating “the bringing forth of” (in the sense of coming out of) but “fathered” to me, is like the way in which the word “with child” has been substituted with “pregnant” in most modern versions.

God bless Will