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it is not about truth or untruth. It is about doing things to edify rather than tear down.

If you don't like what any individual says the best thing don't reply.

as long as you cause division I will treat as I am to by what the Bible says.


there you go. are you able to read my heart? do you think it is all about you? I did post to Parish.

I could be wrong but if you are focused on you, how can you help anyone else? if you focus on your words that cause dissent as being words of wisdom or admonition think again before you post. you and the others are the only ones who can stop the aggressive posting. if it doesn't stop this site will be shut down. then how will you ever help?

Let the Holy Ghost work. If you are convicted then do your best to correct yourself. if not let the post speak to others as well. but don't assume anything.

I gave a reply to your question in another post. I used terms like you guys and others that is all inclusive words. but I haven't been to pointed to point out any ones error. I am trying to let God do that. so either listen to him or listen you your heart (which like mine is deceitful above all measure). You and others are being led by your flesh to the victory of Satan not to the edifying of God people.

ok get the thread back on topic now.

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