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Bro. Parrish
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Chette, thanks for your comments and perspective.
I try to balance truth with love the best I can. If I have posted an UNTRUTH about anyone here you are welcome to point it out as you see fit. My post is not all negative, but if you choose to only SEE and HIGHLIGHT the negative in someone's posts, I cannot help that. Your advice seems to be to burn a bridge, press the ignore button and have nothing to do with Tony, but I choose not to do that with him, in fact I have found common ground with him on many issues such as the inerrancy of the King James Bible which we all love and defend. We don't have to all agree on EVERYTHING in order to avoid burning bridges. Please remember that. And by the way, please notice I choose to still call you brother, even though you no longer call me brother, and I choose to spell your name correctly when I address you. God bless, will pray for your ministry.