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Originally Posted by Bro. Parrish View Post
Bro. Steve, you have to bear with Tony, he is as confused on the Lord's Supper as he is on Baptism. He is one of the very few hyperdispensationalists on the board and he hacks on Baptists now and then but he will march into the flames right beside you on the KJV issue, so please bear with him brother. If you really want to see the scorched ground and mother of all threads on baptism it's here, but if you bump it the thing might explode:

Ever hear of the old adage you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar?

look back to your quote i have underlined your vinegar. if you ever want to help edify and help try not using such in your posts.

you posted two thing that needed not been said at all and would of made for peace. if infer he is confused (personal opinion) he hacks (personal attack) both these terms belittled him and you knew they would.

so does that sound like a true Christians Character?

If he is causing division or teaching a false teaching what are you to do?

Argue? ridicule?

your are to rebuke. if he doesn't respond you are to not have anything to do with him.

or you are just to press the ignore button in your cp and have don't fellowship via the post.

you show no christian character what so ever? so let me ask you, "Why don't we see Christ in you?"