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Bro. Chette,
1. The Lord's Supper is in the context of the "ordinances" (1 Corinthians 11:2).
2. The "decrees" of Acts 16:4 and Acts 15:20 were of James and the rest of the Twelve. They were not what Paul said to be "the ordinances AS I DELIVERED UNTO YOU".
There are many "ordinances" in the Bible (including Col. 2:14-16), but Paul is talking about the ordinances that he (PAUL) delivered for the church to observe.
3. An "ordinance", as defined in Exodus (in chapter 12, for example) and other OT passages, is an "order", "a memorial", and a "service". Paul reminds the church to observe those ordinances - memorial services that he ordered to be kept - that he received from the Lord to be delivered by him to the church in this age.
4. Since he did give an "order" to keep the Lord's supper in the same chapter he mentions "ordinances" (1 Cor. 11:2), then the Lord's supper is one of those ordinances. Since it is plural ("ordinancES"), then it must be at least two. If one is Lord's supper, what's the other one?