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Originally Posted by premio53 View Post
Why would it matter if he was Jehovah Witness, Morman or any other cult? Why not just answer the scriptures he has presented? Are you seeking some information to go after him personally?
that would matter a lot JW's, Mormon's or cult members are not saved and have not the Holy Ghost to help them study the word of God, and would do little to contribute to edifying of the Body of Christ of which they are not part of.


I referred you back to Georges post because he has presented the differences in the Gospels of what Peter taught from Matt - Act7. I referred you back to his post so that we would not be going over ground that was already covered. I referred you to George's previous post because it was obvious that you didn't understand what was being shared from solid scriptural evidence and you answer is always, "I disagree with you". that is it you, you always disagree, then you come back to argue the point that was already covered. you don't seem to be learning or being edified but you seem to be pushing your view as being right and everyone else is wrong.

We don't want to argue we come here to learn and to be edified. it gets ready tiresome dealing with you that is why I back away. but you always have one last word, one last shot. are you one of those types of people who must have the last word or you can't sleep at night?

here I give you the last word. please let me post it for you, I disagree with you. there you have the last word

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