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Originally Posted by bibleprotector View Post
By altering so much as a jot or tittle in English as now received, it will be against the accuracy of the KJB.

Anything which detracts from the detailed exactness of the Scripture in English is not good. Thus, whatever does this must be rejected in favour of keeping to the old paths.

The modernist and the evolutionist and so on argue that English is changing, therefore, they think that the Word of God must be altered on the basis of man's opinions and theories.

The reality is that the English of today is conducive to the King James Bible, and that the King James Bible is comprehensible to the spiritually minded person today. Of course, we have to study, but that is because it is God's way, not man's lazy watered down way.

If you are not using a King James Bible out of the right tradition, and from the historical lineage, you are not using a real KJB. Thus, a modernised "King James" version with many unauthorised word changes is dangerous.

Have a read of this monograph to see the accuracy of our KJB words, the very words which the unauthorised revised "King James" versions destroy.
Bibleprotector, I understand your concern since I had a copy of the New King James and was apalled at the number of changes. The thing I don't understand is I have talked to a lot of “King James Only” people (I am one also) who get upset if "shew" is modernized to "show" or "Saviour" is Americanized to "Savior" (which has 6 letters). I have heard old preachers pronounce "shew" as a "shoo" and my understanding is that is how it was pronounced in the 1700's. Some are so caught up in numerology that simply Americanizing "Saviour" to "Savior" brings out the Black Helicopters and some are so paranoid that they pronounce that it is straight from the depths of hell even though one “hearing” it read from a pulpit realizes that there is no difference. As someone who was saved under the preaching of the King James and who uses nothing but a King James I simply don't understand the superstition as it seems concerning some of this. By the way, today numerology is most often associated with the occult, alongside astrology and similar divinatory arts.