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Originally Posted by atsgrad View Post
Does anyone out there have any comment on the King James Version Easy Reading, published by G.E.M. Publishing. They say that nothing from the Authorized KJV has been compromised. I would like to get some feedback.
I like it. Here are some excerpts from the publisher.

The King James English Bible was written for the English (another country) when they spoke another language (what we commonly call “King James English”). Satan didn't say "Yea, Hath God said?" (unless you think that Satan and Adam and Eve spoke English). The verse was originally written in Hebrew, but was translated into English by some kind folks so that the English in the 1700's could understand the Word of God.

We have done the same thing with The Evidence Bible. We have taken words that people didn’t understand, and given the contemporary equivalent. And in doing so, we never thought of dropping verses about the blood of Christ, repentance, or the deity of Christ; nor did we change the meaning of any verse or drop one jot or tittle from God's precious Word.

I used to have a copy of the original King James published in 1611 and could hardly read the introduction. They kindly updated the print in the main text to modern usage so at least the books in it could be understood. I see no difference between what was done in 1769 and what Ray Comfort has done in the 21 century.

I couldn't count the number of times I've heard a preacher stand and explain what "conversation" or "peradventure" or a dozen other words that are no longer used mean. Does that mean he is perverting the word of God? Of course not! The issue that is raised is that modern English has lost the distinction between singular and plural in the second person. While this is true, it's not a mark against a Bible translation. The rules of language change over time, and you can't stop it, nor can you fault the translators for following the rules of English as they currently stand!

For the record I use only a King James and would be considered King James Only.