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Default In the vein of UFO's - another crazy study...

Right.. so Genesis 1:1 - HEAVEN and EARTH. SINGULAR BOTH

Later on, we have Heavens and Earth - Heavens have been split up - the darkness hides us from God, the great deep etc surrounding the universe seperating the second and third heavens.

In Eternity, the Heavens flee away, and then a new HEAVEN (singular).

Now, I was thinking about this, since, since it is a return to the original original creation, perfect, there will be no need for the seperation of the heavens. There will be only one. Some kind of "Unisphere" - a universe with atmosphere, traversible easily by anyone. I mean, considering the fact that the New Jerusalem is about 1200 miles high, if it were to land on the earth, the top of it would be in outer space quite a way up... - also, if it is orbiting, how does one get from there to earth and back - I would assume that we are not going to need to wear space suits in eternity.

So, interesting to think about. Really, eternity for me will be being with Jesus, and giving God glory. But it's interesting to think about God's purpose in eternity.