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In the many years of studying the Bible I found that Faith, Works and Grace all play an intricate part in salvation in the different dispensations. but what is different is the way each of these are applied in every dispensation. I am not claiming ex cathedra I could be wrong on some points. it is just an observation.

Garden- Already had Gods grace Adam was to Obey (work) and live. No faith for he saw and knew God

pre-law- God gives grace to certain men resulting in their faith and works - Enoch, Noah Abraham. you will notice Grace was given by God because of the Person whom God chose to deal with. God worked individuals Enoch walked with God, Noah found grace, Abrams belief reckoned to him for righteousness.

under law- Do the works of the Law(obedience) by Faith in the word of God it resulted in God grace for the Israel. if they didn't obey in faith they were to be expelled from the land by God - no grace (even then he worked with individuals) but as a nation they were rejected because they rejected God.

Church Age- Grace by faith free to all who believe. All works are a result of God's grace not to get God's grace.

Great tribulation- Faith and Works get Gods grace- same as under the law only the death burial and resurrection are added to the message of salvation.

Millennial Kingdom- Works done in faith in the word of God gets God grace. faith is not in God or Christ but in his word only. The works of Zachariah 14.

Eternal Kingdom- already have Gods grace obey and enter and live. Rev 22 says who so ever keeps the commandments will have the right to enter the City and partake of the tree of life. this is just like the garden - no faith they see God

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