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That verse refers to about 10 chapters in Genesis. After Abraham, there was Moses and the Law, which takes about about 38 books of the Bible.

But to sum up again

Noone in the OT was made righteous by the law. They had their sins COVERED by the blood of animals, not taken away. If they broke the law of God, they provided the sacrifice with the right heart and all was good. The sacrifices were provided for in the law. If they died having their sins covered, they went to paradise.

Now, there are exceptions. David's sin was not provided for in the law. God showed great mercy. Daniel and the Jews in captivity could not sacrifice, but God accepted the broken spirit over sin.

Yet when they could, Israelites were expected to keep the law. They were under the law. They lived by the law.

When they died, they did not go to heaven, but to the grave, and to abrahams bosom, where they awaited their messiah and the blood atonement of Isaiah 53.

So OT saints are saved by the blood as we are, but not the same way on EARTH. They had Law. We have Grace and the Law is fulfilled in Christ already.