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Originally Posted by joseph View Post
Hi, Im hoping someone can help me with this question. I have been very encouraged in my own faith by the convictiont that the KJV is truly the inspired word of God. I have been solidified in this conviction by reading the history of the Bible and seeing how God has preserved His word through the ages.

Occasionally though, I come across something that I can't quite answer. Recently, I was researching a little about the Peshitta. I found several sites that are critical of KJV "onlyism" and point out that the Peshitta and the KJV differ in quite a few places. Here is an example of sone site that makes this point.

I would appreciated any comments that any of you would have on this topic. Thanks.
Joseph, as BP told you and as I demonstrated, these people are not interested in the truth. The gist of the Peshitta is that it, as was all texts, were revised in the late 1900s to fit the Alexandrian texts. My Peshitta I have has a number of differences with the KJV that are too few to be upset over.

Brother, always remember what Bob Jones Sr. said: You and God constitute a majority.

Grace and peace to you.