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Originally Posted by Renee View Post
Hey Cody,

Have you tried the parsley tea? I know it sounds like an old wive's tale but I have used it and have tried it on my gtanddaughter for cistitatis and bladder pain. Parsley is a natural diuratic and aids in the passing of liquids from the body. It helps to ease pain as it also helps with the inflamation. Once again I feel your pain, and am praying for you. Do give it a try but remember to drink a lot of liquids.

Parsley tea, unless you like the taste of parsley is not the tastiest tea so i add a tea bag to it and if you like , sweeten it with honey.

What do you have to loose?

Sister Renee,

I do believe your daughter gave this exact same advice earlier in the thread, or perhaps in another thread. Now we get to see where she gets her sage wisdom.