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There is two separate issues, though connected.

First, the act committed by Ham.
Second, the false application of the curse to a group of people who were not in any way included in that curse.

As far as the first, WE SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW what that specific act was. If God intended that we should know the details, HE WOULD HAVE TOLD US in no uncertain terms! Sufficient for us is that Canaan's decendents were cursed by Noah based on this act. We are simply given that the curse had a reason. We cannot even assume that Noah's curse carries the full weight of God's judgment.

As for the second, this horrible, false connection between the history of the slavery of black-skinned people with the curse of Canaan is purely and absolutely based in bigotry and racism, and has NOT a SINGLE iota of Scriptural evidence. The reality is that there has been throughout history a continuous string of one people enslaving another people. I dare say that the total numbers of slaves throughout history is far greater among non-blacks than blacks. Using Chette's and KingSolomon's terms, "Hamites" have enslaved other "Hamites" just as much or more as any "Jephethites" have enslaved "Hamites"! Just how does the Egyptian (who were likely "Hamites") enslavement of "Shemites" fit?? This idea of Chette's is quite prevalent around here in Florida among a certain group of people. They still wear the pointed white hats when they have their meetings. I challenge Chette, an otherwise strong Bible student, to re-evaluate his prospective, and then publicly retract and reject this filthy idea.