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My faith, BP, is not in a bar-b-qued Christ, but the crucified Christ. Deny all you can, but that will forever be an error in the KJV. Jesus did not go to hell when he died. Yes, I realize that hell in 1611 was an ambiguous term, including within it Abraham's bosom as well as eternal punishment. But now, the word hell is taken to pretty much exclusively refer to eternal punishment. Therefore, it is not wrong, but quite proper, to use the very word the apostles used, hades, when and where they used it. Jesus was not a Calvinist and did not tell the thief "My physical death is worthless unless I fry in hell for three days" (oh the blasphemy!) but rather "Today you will be with me in paradise" and so. Therefore, Jesus' body being dead and buried, his soul descended to hades, to Abraham's bosom, to paradise, and he took the thief with him. Amen.