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Originally Posted by PaulB View Post
Hi Pam! I donít think that we are going to agree on anything in Scripture in the light of what you have just presented to me, as your rule of hermeneutics is like a Semitic form of preterism. When you start applying a rule of interpretation like that then thatís when you are forced into a position where you have to start pitching Paulís teachings against those of His own Lord and Saviour. Iím sorry but that is just plain old heresy and not a right division of the word!

Well, PaulB, thank you very much for being kind in your answer to me; that is what makes these forum discussions possible even through disagreement! But, yeah, you and I are going to have to agree to disagree!

I read through the links that you had posted with various teaching on this topic...some of them varied from each other. What is your position? I mean, what is Paul saying/teaching in I Cor. 7:27-28, if he is not condoning remarriage after divorce? Please forgive me if you've posted your position already and I've missed it!

Thanks again!