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Welcome to the forum, Cloudwalker! I arrived at this forum believing the KJV to be the best and most faithfully translated version from the textus receptus. Will Kinney, Bibleprotector and George Anderson, among others, have helped convince me that the KJV was actually inspired of God. That may not mean as much to me as others because I'm kind of a simple believer and I already knew by the Holy Spirit's testimony to me that the KJV was perfect before I came here. Now, though, any little niggling doubts are vanquished immediately. If any come up, all I have to do is post my question in Bible Versions, or email them, and these kind fellows will give an answer that is incontestable.

I started to read the Calvinism thread today but it's so much information it's kind of daunting so I will have to make time to read it all. Self discipline and time management are not my fortes, unfortunately. George's studies have helped me and a friend of mine immensely. By the Holy Spirit indwelling in me as well as by my own (slight) intelligence I can see the careful and true exposition of scripture in George's studies.

Brandon's SwordSearcher software has increased my ability to study and understand scripture exponentially. I had better get my husband SwordSearcher before I catch up with him! (Well, maybe in a year or two.)

May God bless you,


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