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Default Hi Mary

Good question, I think that the text itself is clear enough of the issue.

Regarding Luke’s possible interpretation I must say that it is a new one to me!

“And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him.”

It seems clear to me that this is nothing other than an immoral act of some kind (more than likely of a homosexual nature). They alone had all been given the chance to start a new world together and lo and behold, before they had hardly got going Ham brings the perversity of the cursed world back into their midst again.

No one knows for sure what took place but it does seem pretty obvious that Ham took a sexual advantage over the inebriated state of his own father, probably with the thought that he wouldn’t know anything about it afterwards.

But it is beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was an immoral act that Ham had carried out upon Noah. And because God cursed the world with a devastating judgement that history will never be allowed to forget, Noah cursed Ham in a similar manner thus distancing the cursed thing from the redeemed.

Hope this is helpful

God bless