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Bro. Parrish, Chette,

I see nothing in Paul's gospel to the gentiles telling us to practice water baptism. If you believe it is an ordinance for the church today but is not required for salvation then I don't understand the bitter controversy about the issue from your side. I have my belief about the harm the water baptism error has accomplished in the body of Christ but I don't push it. The real source of confusion for me is that "moderate" dispensationalists level charges of near heresy and all sorts of character assassination against grace believers. I don't see it. I got upset because I am trying to see the big picture, how these things critics say could possibly be true. I figure I must be missing something and I'm frustrated because I just don't see it.

Bro. Parrish, you must have been reading my posts to know my particular weaknesses. I had a flash of anger at you because in my view you take every opportunity to take your swipes at Tony. I got tired of seeing it and took my swipe at you. Sorry.

Brother Chette, you just posted what you did at the exact wrong time. Sorry. I always look forward to your posts.