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The simple fact is OT saints were not saved the same way as us, and ANY baptist will admit this, whether your name is Winman or George.

1) When an OT saint dies, where does he go?
2) When a NT saint dies, where does he go?

3) Why does an OT saint go to paradise?
4) Why does a NT saint go to heaven?

5) How did the OT saint get to paradise?
6) How did the OT saint get to heaven?
7) How does the NT saint get to heaven?

And here are the answers. If you don't agree winman, correct me... I assume you will know the Bible verses for this. This is generally one of the first things new Christians learn after accepting the KJB as final authority, and studying Hell (every new young KJB believer has a fascination with hell and damnation for some reason, and preaching it non stop, until they learn more about God's grace).

1) Paradise/Abraham's Bosom
2) Heaven

3) He goes to paradise because his sins are covered by animals blood, not washed away
4) He goes to heaven because his sins are washed away by Jesus blood

5) He goes to paradise by trusting in the shed blood of the sacrifices to cover his sin, which were part of the LAW, and which were necessary to show one's faith. Faith + Law.
6) He gets to heaven after he waits in paradise for Jesus Christ shed blood to WASH away his sins
7) He gets to heaven by trusting in the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, both ARE saved the same way, by the blood of Jesus Christ. You gotta get past the faith alone bit. It's not important. What is important is that all men are saved by the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. Your faith means nothing if it's not in the blood. Faith in the OT was not in Jesus, nor was it in his shed blood. It was in pictures of his shed blood, which were part of the LAW.