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Default Questions from Atheists 4

READ FIRST: I will be posting some questions here that were brought up by an Atheist/Agnostic "Freethought Group." I don't belong to this group. Someone I know that is somewhat antagonistic towards Christians does. So, the "I" is NOT me. Perhaps people here can help in responding to these questions. I'll post them as "Questions from Atheists 1" "....2" etc.

Christians often say Jesus was sacrificed for the sins of mankind, or he died for our sins. This is not the case. He was not sacrificed, and he did not die, because (if we are to believe the bible) he came back to life and is still alive for eternity. That is not a sacrifice. Something is a sacrifice by virtue of the fact that it STAYS gone. At most, god loaned his son to us for 30 years or so, before he got him back. Also, if you offered me the same deal that Jesus got, I'd take it, too. I bet most people would. "So, you're telling me that I get tortured and then killed, and I go to hell for a day and a half, but then I get to come back to life and be an omnipotent, eternal god? Where do I sign up?"