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Bro. Parrish
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Bro. George,

I don't want to sound like I'm limiting God or questioning His power, but is there anything in Scripture that states that God emphatically does know everything? Obviously there are certain things that are set in stone through history (Jesus being slain from the foundation of the world, etc.) and He will bring about His will, but the Bible says that Jesus knew their thoughts as they thought them, not that He knew what they were going to think.

Any ideas?
I guess the omniscience of God was made very clear to me when I first studied Exodus.

God knew what Pharoah would do before Pharoah ever did it. (Exodus 6:1, Exodus 7:2-4, Exodus 9:11-12)

In fact, God has the ability to harden the heart of a man, and to turn it, so God's power goes far beyond just KNOWING men's hearts and the future, God has the power to CHANGE the future and He CONTROLS it. (Prov. 21:1, Psalm 139:1-2, 44:21, I Sam. 16:7, 1 John 3:20)