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Originally Posted by Amanda S. View Post
Bro. Paul,

After talking with my husband I've decided to stick around awhile longer as we both feel that this forum is helping motivate me to understand and study my Bible more. For that I am grateful.

Bro. Paul, nothing you said offended me. I wasn't upset by the Muslim w/ 7 wives question, because when discussing these things I ALWAYS like to throw in a hypothetical. LoL Drives my dearest hubby insane.

And as you said, it very well might be something we'll need to deal with before our Lord raptures us out of here! Even so come quickly Lord Jesus!!

But I was in shock for 1/2 the day when I saw that the Bible was being used to support such practice!?

Thank you Bro. for your kind words and am looking forward to more discourse with you.
I think this is the best forum I've seen because (1) no KJV correctors are allowed and (2) you just can't throw out anything and get away with it. You have to give some sound scriptural reasoning for what you are saying or folks here will cease bothering with your posts.

For me "allow" does not equal "condone". Just because God allowed certain things doesn't mean He condoned them. There are a lot of lost people who are being allowed to do things (they think) they are getting away with, but one day they will give an account at the Great White Throne Judgment. Most of the people previosuly listed who had the mutiple wives paid for it with family problems.

If I had been thinking last night I probably wouldn't have given my reply about the poor Muslim guy and his seven wives. I'm not saying a situation like that hasn't come up somewhere in the world, but its highly unlikely I will ever be consulted about it. We can come up with all kinds of "what if" situations that will, if we're not careful, only detract us. We have to stick with what we know and we all know God's will for marriage.