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Default Thank You Jassy

Thanks Jassy,

I will check out your links as well. Thank you for sharing with me.

Your brother in Christ,


P.S. I am waiting for those Chocolate chip cookies and milk.
I will take you up on the offer in the kitchen of the master Chef.
We can spend an afternoon talking and listening to music the way our creator intended it.

P.S.S. Flute huh? Cool! I was a double bassist in symphony orchestras all through my 20's. I saw the light, so to speak, and went into pop music again. Teaching is my primary focus but I play secular music. God is working on me and I am willing for him to show me what to do. I do pray the blockhead prayer about it. You know... "God? I am a blockhead... I know... make it real obvious for me, please? Thanks."
I do get a chance to share Christ with many people, on tour or in the nightclubs. It is tough sometimes though.