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I'm not here to take sides (...not yet anyways, I haven't thoroughly investigated the heated discussions at hand yet to even know who I agree or disagree with). But I've noticed that some people on these boards, who I respect for their stand for the KJB, are very upset with Premio53. Part of the hostility is due to the opinion that Premio53 should give a detailed introduction of himself concerning who he is and some info so as to ascertain what his basic theological premises are. Now I am not going to debate whether such a request is a good rule or not for a public Internet forum. I'll leave that to the discretion of Diligent since he is the forum administrator and can therefore run this show however he likes. After all, he's the one payin for the place.

But as to Premio53, I happen to know him a little. Premio53 might not like what I'm going to do but I'm going to do it anyways in his defence. If he is the same guy I am thinking of, Premio53 comes from the same church that I am a member of (and have been a member of for over 20 years/I am a Missionary sent out from this church). He is not a member here anymore but my understanding is that he left on good terms to pursue the ministry and do the work of the Lord. He graduated from the same Bible school that I did, which is a local church ministry that is operated under my Pastor, a very able Bible teacher. This would mean that we are somewhat of the same circle. Unless things have changed, this means that what I know about Premio53 is that he is a true King James Bible-believer, who holds the KJB as the final authority in all matters of faith and practice. This also means that he received his theological training in a KJV Bible-believing, non-Calvinistic, hell fire and brimstone preaching, separated, pre-millineal, mission-minded, soul-winning, old-fashioned, fundamental, independent, Baptist church. Amongst those that know him personally, Premio53 is known to be a very zealous and diligent student of God's Word. He has the testimony of being one our Bible Institute's best students. He has the testimony of being a true soul winner and soldier of the Lord and an earnest contender of the faith.

When I used to post at FFF, Premio53 was one of the good guys. I am surprised to see him being regarded as one of the "bad guys" over here. I didn't see that coming. Nevertheless, I'm glad to see Premio53 on these boards.

I'm sure whatever personal problems that my other friends on these boards are having with Premio53 can be worked out between the two without a plea for Premio53's banishment. I would encourage such.

God bless the brethren!

(Now back to killin each other. )