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sting of truth
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you know whats funny, this all boils down to
1. private interpretation
2. ego
3. stupidity [to think that one person with lets be generous 50 years of greek can do a better job than say, 54 people that each had at least 10 years of greek like the kjv translators and their coleagues they probably had examining their work.]

if you wanna see if these textual critics/private interpretors have a leg to stand on, take 54 first year bible college students, lock em in a room with the critic, and if that critic can beat them 54 first year bible college students in an all out fight to the death, then by golly we know that the critic is right and the 54 av translators plus their coleagues they had overlooking their work were wrong.

if these people really believe they can make a better bible, then they need to go and do it. they couldn't do any worse than the niv, nlt, or the lamsa