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Hello Paladin54. Godspeed you in your efforts for His word.
First let me urge you to keep reading and praying over God's word while you read. Praying for guidance and understanding.

Second, Read "The King James Bible Defended" by the late great textual scholar Edward F. Hills. But spend much more time in God's word. Take the KJV defense materials as a kind of a "hobby". Just something you do secondary to God's word and time with the Lord in prayer.

When you need it most, the Lord's words will come through you to those who have ears to hear. No other ears can respond until the Holy Spirit has dealt with them.

Third. What do you think of these for answers. Just starting points for your further development:

(1) The KJV is hard to read and understand just where the original Hebrew/Greek versions that the Lord first gave were hard to read and understand. Any faithful translation of a hard to read and understand passage, should itself be hard to read and understand. If its not, then the translator has stepped over from doing his job of translating to doing the preachers job of expounding it.
Recall that Peter said there were some hard things in Paul's letters that were hard to understand (2Pe 3:14, 15). So if you never read anything hard to understand that requires someone to explain it to you (Acts 8:30,31), you're not reading God's word as Peter had it.

(2) Again, that's the job of the preacher to expound to us. . . not the translator. Often in the newer versions they get updated every 4 years or so. You see total reversals in some passages from where the translator had changed his mind!!!! e.g. 1Thess 4:4 says "That every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honour". The 1978 version of the NIV "tries to tell you what God meant" and makes the vessel the man's own wife. The 1984 NIV changes their previous position and makes the vessel the man himself. They put this 1978 possibility into the footnotes of the 1984.

Besides what we have in the bible are the very words of God. Look to it and do a search for words. You will see time and again "thy words", "words whereby we must be saved" "every word of God is pure" "Thou wilt keep them forever". . . .

What are some other questions you want to deal with?

REMEMBER: First take care to keep your self on blessing ground by putting God's word (The Lord talking to you) and prayer (you talking to the Lord) first and foremost. t

Then these various defenses as a definite secondary position. That's the path to blessing brother!