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Default Bringing the King James to a high school.

Hail Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I attend a private Christian high school where almost the entire student body believes that several translations can all be God's Word together, somehow, even though they contradict each other. I intend to start a movement for the King James Bible that several people I have talked to are excited about, which i will be leading. The only thing that would disrupt my task is that we have some "scholarly" people who disagree with me. Besides prayer, I request that you could help me answer their questions when they confront me.
Questions such as "The new translations are easier to read, otherwise I would read the King James Bible" and "Well, they tries to translate the meaning of the verse here, so we could understand it today".

I am also asking that you would organize here, in this thread, the answers to the most common anti-King James arguments you here in your own experiences. Please give me a lot of Scripture, as Scripture memorization is very easy for me. I will have to speak to the "scholarly" class as well as laymen, please keep that in mind.

Thank you very much, Godspeed and may God bless you all.