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By a simple comparison between their doctrine and practices on this issue with the Bible.

No women speaking in tongues or prophesying - yet the tongues movement is filled with women preachers and tongues-speakers.

Only two or three speaking in one meeting, and taking turns, plus an interpretor or else they must be silent. Yet, I have seen whole churches doing this at one, no interpretor.

The teaching that all should speak in tongues - when the Bible indicates that God did NOT give the gift to all. Plus, the teaching that it is the evidence of being saved and/or being filled with the Spirit of God - which does not line up with the Bible.

The Bible also teaches it is the least of the gifts - yet charismatics and pentecostals want to make it the greatest.

The gifts were given to to edify the church - yet many teach that you can have a private prayer tongue language (which the Bible does not teach anywhere).

As has already been pointed out, tongues were a sign to lost Jews - yet we see many churches filled with Gentiles only who practice this.
but yet there is not a single verse in the bible that says women, woman, and tongues in the same verse. so obviously just liek always you are either twisting the bibleto make it say what you want it to, or you just plain out don't know what you're talking about.. and if you agree that ALL the disciples spoke in tongues on the day of pentecost then you must admit that women did to, because women were in the upper room. but then you need to clarify do you mean the gift of tongues, OR the being filled with the Holy Spirit. i knwo you don't believe a believer can be filled with the Holy Spirit but i believe God is unchanging, just a variance of you and the bible on that part