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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
Maybe I'm not understanding what you mean, but if no one is "called" to do anything, why did you make the statements above?
Brother, I'll answer the message above and this one in one response: How were you called? I'm not being sarcastic. Did you hear a voice? Did you get this overwhelming emotional rush during a preaching service? Did the phone ring? Was it a curious coincidence of happenings, sort of a Christian Kismet, occur? Did some people get together and tell you you have a talent and should do this or that? I have no concept of being "called", because no one has ever been able to answer my question; How were you called, how did you know? People go farther and say, "God called me to do this or that..." Fine. Psychic link? Text message? Email? Scriptures?

We will find NO calling not found in the Scriptures. I met many young people at college who told me they had been "called to a ministry of music". I can;t find any "music ministries" in the Scriptures. Our "calling" is from the Scriptures, those callings that Paul mentions, yes. The "call" has been already made. I knew I found my niche' in the street ministry due to me falling in love with it and with the people. I stopped, and looked around. These people were like me. I had a natural talent for research and a zeal to defend the foundation I teach and preach from and comment from. I was a man bold enough to go where "Christ is not named", that is, "the marketplace". Mars Hill. So I might have said better my Scriptural calling. And surprisingly, I am mildly agoraphobic, I don;t like public places or crowds. I get nervous in crowds. After doing it I felt I could do it, and defend the Scriptures. Over the years I feel I have done fairly well on both counts.

Maybe I should have defined my terms a little better, just too many people have said to me, "God has just spoken to me..." "or "God has given me a message..." God ain;t gonna give much apart from the Scriptures. I just want to know what is meant when people say, I was "called". I only know from my own experience. As ex Church Of Christ, we had no "callings". In an evangelical, we're gonna take over the world for Christ college, I saw music ministries and TV ministries and writing ministries and singing ministries and racing ministries(!!!) and God "calling" people left and right into things I could not find in the Scriptures.

If you feel preaching is a Scriptural calling, then do it, and let no man try and discourage you from it.

Grace and peace to you brother