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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
I recently had a family member, whom I love dearly, tell me something that really offended me. My spirit automatically leads me to the King James Bible! It is God's word, without error!!!!!! My God makes NO mistakes!!!!! Uggg, I get so upset when people say ANYTHING negative about the KJB! Now, I am really "green" as to why I am this way (meaning being able to prove it to others, other than comparing scripture to scripture with the other versions and showing people). I have the only reason I need (John 16: 13), the spirit guiding me to the truth (God's word is truth, thus guiding me to the King James which is God's word.....TRUTH)!!!! Anyway, she said "Catholics preserved the King James Bible for us!" Lord have mercy on her for giving Catholics credit for preserving the word of God! I have found a lot of help on this site and in the forums to help me in the "backing" of my King James, but being so "green" on the subject of how we got the King James, etc. can someone just give me some basics on how to sharply rebuke a statement like this? Thank you, and may God Bless each of you!
Clint, more important than simple back and forth swordfighting over critiques and false statements would be to find out the source for your relatives statement. Does she have Scripture to back this, or did someone tell her, or dis she just come out of nowhere with this?

It is part of history that the Catholics have burned copies of their own bibles because they were in the hands of common people, and not the church hierarchy. John Wycliffe tried to translate the Catholic Latin Vulgate into English with readings from the Majority text and it was banned and burned, the people who were found in possession of it burned also, and this issue leading to the rise of Huss, John Ziska, a guerrilla general, and the Hussite wars in Germany. Roman Catholicism, like all cults, is only based on the Bible.

My email address should be open to view, if you will contact me through this email address, I will send you Dr. Samuel Gipp's 1611 Answer Book that he has made free for download and distribution.

Bless you and grace and peace brother