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I was also thinking about the idea on another thread about how the circumstances in people's lives when they come to Christ aren't always neat and tidy, they can be very troublesome and difficult. I realized that we are born into certain circumstances, maybe our family is Baptist, maybe Pentecostal, these are the people we know, and opportunities arise to serve the Lord within that organization. We're just born into this world the way it already is, we don't get to start everything from scratch the way we'd like it to be according to the perfect pattern. If a man is appointed as the head pastor of a mainline Baptist church, or any other denomination, and faithfully preaches the gospel of grace light on legalistic tendencies, or in the case of some denominations, they actually preach the gospel at all, and people get saved then Praise God! Nothing in this world is going to be done just the way we think it should be done and God can still work through imperfect circumstances. Anyway, just trying to be more reasonable and realistic. What I wrote before is what I believe things should be like, not necessarily the way we as individual christians find them to be in reality.