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Bro. Craig,

I apologize if I have said anything to offend you and I may have to retract an earlier statement I made. With the way things are going with homosexual unions in our country we may have to face the issue of polygamy one day.
Thank you brother. I am just dumb founded that anyone could suggest that ploygamy was "allowed"?

I have never heard the word "allowed" so much before in my life until I came here LoL

Maybe I am confused. I'll fully admit that.

But when there is an "Ah HAH!" moment and one discovers God "allowed" something to go on and so therefore we say it must not be so bad, then I have a problem with that. Especially when the Bible is PERFECTLY clear on what GOD considers a marriage!?!? Or is it being said that while having 1 wife is God's "perfect" will His "acceptable" will is polygamy as long as it is legal!?

We have a free will. God allows us to do as we wish. He does not make us do anything. But this is something we all know.

I see no verses where God blesses or condones polygamy. Even the verses in Deuteronomy 25 I am failing to see multiple wives? I've read it a dozen times and I certainly must be deft. LoL

Again, I am not offended but highly disturbed by some comments made with supposed Bible and history to back it up.

I would love to see Bro. Brandon chime in on this thread.