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Originally Posted by Ripdood View Post
Sister Greenbear,

The two men mentioned on the article Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D. and David Sielaff, are connected with an organization called the Worldwide Church of God. They are not as active these days as they used to be. But back in the 1980s they were classified as a cult by mainstream denominations. Herbert w. Armstrong was the founder. They were very good at twisting the facts of the Word of God and making it look very scholarly to accomplish their purposes. They were and are in favor of the new per-versions, because the wording in those works of satan make it easy to prove their unscriptural beliefs. They are still around but not as large or well organized as they once were.

I tried witnessing to one of their members once it was an excercise in chasing word definitions. The same terms we use are defined differently in their beliefs. I planted the seed I am not sure how well it took, I never saw the fellow again.
Brother Ripdood,

Thanks for the info about the WWCG connection. It makes perfect sense why this author(s) is looking to place the general epistles before the pauline epistles and make Hebrews all about the gentile church and Paul's gospel of grace by faith alone. So they can support their post- trib position and their salvation by works phony baloney.