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Brother Ripdood,

I'm glad you feel warmly welcomed here. I know that I have felt like I am amongst family here and, since I don't have a church to attend, this is more or less "church" for me. It is an assembling together of 2 or more believers in His name, isn't it? We have teachers here and we have ministers and we have admonishers and we have correctors and we have uplifters and encouragers. We have the BODY of CHRIST here. I truly believe that. I am so very thankful for the day that I discovered this Forum!

By the way, by "correctors" - I don't mean BIBLE-correctors. I mean people that help us to see when our attitude or behavior may need correction. For that I am very grateful. I want to remain HUMBLE, with my eyes focused on the Lord and always growing in grace and knowledge. HE IS MY LIFE.

As sister Jen has said, there's no need to feel badly about any time that you may have backslid. Most of us here have done so. (I have.) I truly believe that Christ ALREADY died for my sins... and that is DONE and ASSURED! So, although I don't wish to be in a state of sin... I know that I'm already forgiven. That is the precious PEACE that we have in Christ. It is the peace that surpasseth all understanding. It is such a JOY to possess such peace!

Like you, I was saved in the 1980's (for me the mid-1980's). It has been, and continues to be, a process as I grow in grace and knowledge. I wasn't raised in a "religious" home. I was raised Catholic, but more in a secular way. I can't recall even ONE time that JESUS was mentioned by my parents when I was growing up. And certainly the Apostle Paul was never spoken of.

None of my family are believers. My one brother is a staunch atheist. My 2 sisters are just not interested in "religion." My Mom just goes through the motions of attending Catholic "mass" - and, admittedly, "getting nothing out of it." SAD. I came to question the teachings of the Catholic church when I began comparing Bibles. Once I discovered the King James Bible, I stuck solidly with it. Like you, I find it so much more comfortable because of things I had memorized. Other Bibles only confused me and left me unable to find what I needed or wanted to locate from the Scriptures. I'm really thankful, therefore, that I have been a confirmed KJ Bible believer for many, many years.

Anyway, WELCOME to you!!